Trackitdown sucks (and Amazon AWS too)

Alright, now I'm pissed.

Years ago, when I started downloading MP3's legally, has become one of my favourite shops. Their web 2.0, uncluttered interface with tons of AJAX has always been friendly to browse, plus they have good tunes. They usually feature pretty good tracks that you guys have been enjoying in all my shows so far.

But lately, they have gone under many technical difficulties. First, they went inexplicably down for like ten days. Then, when they were back, they had lost quite some of their inventory. Then again, same thing around the end of 2010.

Now, they're back, and boy, do they SUCK. When I want to preview a track, it simply doesn't launch. I went over that, carefully googling for each track that picked my interest to listen to the previews. Once I had filled my cart and paid for it, the downloads just won't work. Files timing out, throwing funky HTTP error codes, and sometimes downloading, but quite slowly.

Since I know all links to the files I have purchased start with, I've been resolving the IP of to, I've been able to see that that IP belongs to Amazon. Probably TrackItDown decided to host their site on the Amazon cloud, or at least a part of it. But it just doesn't work!!

Now I don't know what's going on, but here is what I know. My 9-to-5 involves development for a big online shop. If we ever had a customer as pissed off as I am, we'd probably get spanked, literally.

So, guys of trackitdown, do your freaking job!

PS : Amazing! Once I've finally got around downloading the tracks through trackitdown, most of the ID3 tags are wrong! click the image to enlarge, most of the tracks have "Solex" or "Massimo Croce & Ali Abou el Fadl", although it has nothing to do with the tune or with my order. I don't even think those are trance artists!

PPS : as it turns out, Solex is a romanian trance producer. Nonetheless, he probably still hasn't any kind of relationship to the tracks I purchased.