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How would you like to let go of all your expectations, and hear something fun for a change? What if you could have a peek at the most unexpected sets built by artists you like... in a genre they totally don't normally play?

Wouldn't Tiestö playing Gangsta rap, Hardwell spinning Psy-Trance, David Guetta dropping Liquid Drum&Bass sound for the least interesting? That's what Alternate.DJ is about: genuinely unlikely musical experiences.

As a DJ, I've had more than one occasion to make sets that weren't the pure uplifting trance that I strive for. I've recently played retro house, R'n B and Rock at a company event. I've played techno, minimal, deep trance and other electronic genres to promote compilations on the air of NRJ. I've had a commercial house side-project for years, and I've put together my own drum&bass sets for fun. I'm convinced other DJ's have done so as well, and that's what I want to share!

The concept is simple: DJ's that are known for a certain music style are invited to mix something totally different for just once. It doesn't mean they will switch careers or abandon all they built, it is nothing but a playground for musical experiments! I am truly enthusiastic to discover what our guest DJ's feel like playing just once, and why they picked that genre!

We have great guests coming up with super-interesting sets, so stay tuned!