About Jordan Waeles


Quick facts

  • Age: 26
  • City: Brussels, Belgium
  • Main job: .NET web developer
  • Producing since: 2000
  • Releases: 6+
  • Residencies: 2 current; 7 past

When Jordan Waeles started producing and mixing, somewhere around 2000, Trance music was at the apogee of its success in Western Europe. By taping the tunes playing on the radio and on the television, Jordan got acquainted with trance as it is known today, although his love for dance music was nothing new; he used to listen to euro-dance and related music styles since he was 9.

Through many years of learning and training, Jordan developed some skills in production and DJ'ing, probably with the help of the 10 years he spent in music school. In 2003, his first public mixes and productions were played on Digitally Imported, the biggest online trance radio. Jordan played there several times as a guest DJ in shows hosted by Giorgio Ponticelli, Marco Torrance and Grandaddy DJ. He also started building his fan base with his Trance Mutation sets, which still score amongst the most highly rated mixes on Digitally Imported, gathering thousands of simultaneous listeners throughout the world.

As a DJ, Jordan Waeles always fought to keep trance music alive, and he didn't miss a single occasion to try and reintroduce those uplifting beats where they belong. Not only did Jordan play at the City Parade (2006 & 2007), le Gazon (in 2006, right after Leeroy Thornhill) and many smaller Belgian events, but he has also been a resident DJ on NRJ (the most popular French-speaking Belgian radio) for the last 4 years, next to Belgian trance icons such as Airwave and M.I.K.E.

Jordan Waeles also developed a House DJ career on the side under his alias Flashy J, with a two-year residency at the renowned You Nightclub in Brussels. That residency gave him the chance to play his own productions and remixes and to see directly their impact on the crowd.

Late 2008, Jordan Waeles signed his first official remix of "Colin/Replay - Close your eyes" on Bonzai Trance Progressive, the famous Belgian trance label. Then, in 2009, he signed his first very own production, Calling Infinity, on the Eye Trance label.

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