Here is the list of my official releases so far. The sound bites are intentionaly exported in a mediocre audio quality, so that you can hear what the song is like, but the labels won't kick my ass for spreading for free the music they sell. If you like what you hear and you'd like me (or our project First Effect) to remix your stuff, head to the contact page.


Caira - Yellow Maple (First Effect remix)

First Effect duo presents their translation of 'YELLOW MAPLE' sitting somewhere between progressive and tech-trance. With its big lead and even bigger pay off, this tune is a real danceable trancer.

Genre Uplifting trance
Label Silent Shore White
Country Slovakia
Catalog # SSW017
Release date October 17, 2011

Remix by First Effect aka Jordan Waeles & Christopher Vinckier

Latham & Quano - Point Of Impact (First Effect remix)

When Chris and I heard the original, we really saw potential for a dancefloor smasher. The original mix has a very quiet and melodramatic soundscape and we asked ourselves the following question: Could we make a happy tune out of it?

So, we started up our studio gear, and here it is, an euphoric choon full of good feelings and major chords. If you like trance that makes you dance, featuring male vocals, chords of pikes and a huge buildup towards a nasty acid line and a stomping beat, this is one for you!

Genre Uplifting trance
Label Silent Shore records
Country Slovakia
Catalog # SSR072
Release date August 1, 2011

Original production & performance by Simon Latham & Quano

Additional remix production by Jordan Waeles & Christopher Vinckier aka First Effect

Manida - D&D (First Effect remix)

Genre Progressive trance
Label NU:Communicate records
Country United Kingdom
Catalog # NUCR021
Release date July 6, 2011

Remix by Jordan Waeles & Christopher Vinckier (aka First Effect)

Miroslav Vrlik - Deep Abyss (First Effect remix)

Looking back at my discography, there are few tracks that offer me as much pride and satisfaction as this one. Powerful and yet refined, this is one of the tracks that can work its charm on a dancefloor, and that most people won't be able to put a name on.

Originally written by the upcoming slovak producer Miroslav Vrlik, it was offered to us as a remix job by our label Silent Shore Records. Chris and I have quickly realised how much potential the track had, and while Miroslav's approach to the original track was fast and epic, we decided to bring a more laidback twist to the release.

Compared to the original version, we have parted with a layer of the main lead, to build something a little more focused on the original chords that came with the song. We have spiced it up with our signature computer beeps, and with a few fractions of female aaah's and ooh's, for good measure.

The result is a stomping number, with a fierce electro-ish bassline and yet all the delicate melody of the original, plus some airy pads, pianos and voices for a refreshing change.

Genre Progressive trance
Label Silent Shore White
Country Slovakia
Catalog # SSW009
Release date July 4, 2011

Remix by First Effect aka Jordan Waeles & Christopher Vinckier

Millaway - Silhouette (Jordan Waeles remix)

Swedish producer Millaway came up with a spooky tune, and I remixed it in a bigroom tech-trance banger.

Genre Tech-trance
Label Inspired Digital
Country United Kingdom
Catalog # TBC
Release date June 21, 2011

remix by Jordan Waeles

First Effect feat Olivia - Humanity Highway (Original mix)

Quoting the promo package:
«Belgian trance producers Jordan Waeles & Christopher V team up in a new duo, featuring the fresh voice of Olivia. Together, they bring you this lovely progressive trance tune, with lush chords and beautiful vocals.

The Original mix is a pure masterpiece of modern progressive sound, packed with electro-influenced roaring and beeping synths, climaxing in a beautiful break.»

Genre Progressive vocal trance
Label Silent Shore records
Country Slovakia
Catalog # SSR054
Release date February 14, 2011

Lyrics performed by Olivia Ghysels

  • Original mix: composed, arranged and produced by Jordan Waeles & Christopher Vinckier
  • Cylum & Velden deep mix: remix by Nils Huzen & Roald Boesveld
  • Cylum, Velden & Christopher V remix: remix by Nils Huzen, Roald Boesveld & Christopher Vinckier. Additional production by Jordan Waeles (uncredited)

Type 41 - Riptide (Jordan Waeles intro & club remixes)

Jordan Waeles gives us two remixes on this release, the Intro Remix and the Club Remix. The intro Remix starts out with some amazing pads and atmosphere with an amazing piano maintaining a simple melody which leads into the beat. Shortly after the breakdown, the beat begins once again with a thick bass line and melody which shows the energy of the song in its purest form. The Club Remix is very much the same as the Intro Remix but has been re-produced to be DJ friendly for clubs.

Genre Uplifting trance
Label Fuzion Four Records
Country United States
Catalog # FFRTR001
Release date January 26, 2011

Original composition by George “Type 41” Phillips.
Additional composition, production and arrangement by Jordan Waeles


Jordan Waeles - Calling Infinity (Original mix)

A simple yet effective uplifting track that I put together in a few days. One of those tracks that makes you feel good!

Genre Uplifting trance
Label Eye trance / Desigual records
Country Italy
Catalog # DES 008
Release date July 31, 2009

Composed, arranged and produced by Jordan Waeles
Additional remix production by Elvio “Nebula” Trampus


Colin/Replay - Close your eyes (Jordan Waeles remix)

Trackitdown review:

Featured Track: «The mighty Bonzai label are back with a great big slab of uplifting trance for the masses! Jordan Waeles lays down this remix of epic proportions that all the big trance jocks will be all over! Check out the Velvet Girl remix too as both are more than playable!»

Genre Progressive trance, vocal
Label Bonzai trance progressive
Country Belgium
Catalog # BTP-161-2008
Release date November 11, 2008

Remix: Jordan Waeles

Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Be (Jordan Waeles remix)

"Be" is an amazing house tune that got me hooked since the first time I heard it. Back when it started playing in clubs, I was still a house DJ as well, and I was a bit sad that I couldn't hammer that tune in my trance sets. So, I put some effort in finding the original voice that they had sampled, and I re-did it in a tech-trance fashion.

The result is a banging tech-trance track that packs the hell of a punch, and yet still features the dance organ and the great voice from the original tune!

Genre Tech-trance
Label Whitelabel
Country /
Catalog # /
Release date No release currently planned

Absolutely everything belongs to the original authors. I only made this remix for entertainment purposes.