Trance Mutation

Trance Mutation 9 [from 2004]

I'm doing some serious archive exploration, and I came across one of the earliest mixes I was known for.

Pretty sure this one aired on Digitally Imported / DI.FM Trance Channel, although all forum evidences have vanished in 20 years of cyberspace fluctuations.

I managed to find the playlist too, which is quite interesting as a couple of tracks didn't really get released and were by good friends of mine back then; my friend Torsten Fassbender was part of Wellenrausch and Armored Blowfish was an alias of my friend Giorgio Ponticelli who was running the Subtraxx collective... big up! Also, I didn't know back then that Airwave would become a good real life friend of mine. We lost track of each other a little bit, maybe I should text him.

Anyway, enjoy this blast from the past!


Trance Mutation 12

You know what? I still had this in my archive, and I just realised it was pretty impossible to find!

Nearly 20 years after the fact, I'm fighting some huge cobwebs on this website to bring you Trance Mutation 12, my set from 2006 that had some pretty heavy rotation on Digitally Imported's Trance Channel! 80 minutes of epic uplifting Trance music!

This one goes to the lightweights sleeping in the basement!

PS: don't worry about the file size, it's about 112 MB, i don't know why this website shows 1 MB and i can't be bothered to fix bugs in my code from 20 years ago 🙂

Trance Mutation 14

Download the fourteenth Trance Mutation mixed CD, as featured on Digitally Imported's trance channel!

20 tracks mixed in 80 minutes, with the greatest uplifting tunes of 2008 and Jordan's single "Calling Infinity".