Destination Mainstage 008

About Destination Mainstage

Jordan Waeles has one dream... to mix live, for an audience of 20.000 people!

Destination Mainstage is a monthly show on Afterhours.FM, where Jordan Waeles takes control of the air semi-live with his keyboards and turntables, and delivers blood-pumping, live-style mixes. Some sets include tons of effects, some include classics, but all sets are pure trance choonage!

Listen to the monthly demo reel of Jordan every first tuesday of the month, 16.00 CET of Afterhours.FM, leading trance radio!



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01. Andy Moor feat Carrie Skipper – She Moves (DNS Project remix, Jordan Waeles intro rework)
02. Paul Hind – Cold Again (Oen Bearen remix)
03. Roman Sokolovsky – Spring Feeling (Dave & Oliver remix)
04. Paul Webster – Corruption
05. John Askew – Vandalism (Joint Operations Centre remix)
06. … Surprise!
07. John Askew – F@cking Caps Lock (Original mix)
08. Cold Blue – There’s Always A Road
09. Daniel Kandi – Everything Counts (Suncatcher remix)
10. 4 Strings – Daytime (Sean Tyas remix)
11. Stuart Donaghy – Rapture (Will Atkinson remix)
12. Tomaz vs Filterheadz – United as one (Jordan Waeles live keyboards overdub)
13. Robbie Nelson – Shangri-La (Original mix)