Trance Mutation Broadcast #076

Jordan Only!

About Trance Mutation Broadcast

Back in 2005, Jordan Waeles started mixing uplifting trance on the air of NRJ Belgium (national FM station), at first filling in for other unavailable residents of Extravadance, then with a monthly slot on his own. Trance Mutation Broadcast was born. Across the years, the show has been syndicated on Saffier/LRK (Dutch local FM stations) and many more online and FM stations.

Eventually, in 2009, Jordan moved Trance Mutation Broadcast to the biggest online trance radio station, Digitally Imported, in a brand-new two-hour format. This tactical move gave Jordan the opportunity to feature amazing guests such as Suzy Solar, Orla Feeney, Airwave, the Immoral Monkeys, Ferry Tayle, and many, many more headliners and upcoming trance DJ's and producers.

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Jordan Waeles
Trance Mutation Broadcast #076 – June 2010
2 hours with Jordan Waeles

01. Temple One feat Hannah Ray – Autumn Leaves (Estiva remix)
02. Wellenrausch – No Superstition (Simmons & Blanc remix)
03. P.H.A.T.T. – H3X (Original mix)
04. David Carr vs Sonic Element – Hydralo (Haris C remix)
05. Shogun feat Emma Lock – Save Me (Stoneface & Terminal Vocal mix)
06. Dj Feel & Aurosonic feat Ale Haze – Feel (Giuseppe Ottaviani remix)
07. A.T.M. – Broken Dreams (Original mix) [Silent Shore Records]
08. David Forbes & Greame Pollock – Traumatise (David Forbes Refit)
09. Afternova – Serenity (Andy Blueman remix)
10. Daniel Kandi & Martijn Stegerhoek – As One (Original mix)
11. Paul Webster – Punchbag (Original mix)
12. Agustin Servente – Esturion (Liam Melly remix)
13. Abdul Bayyari & Shota Mochizuki feat Josh Money – All Up In My Head (Will Holland’s Enhanced remix)
14. Jer Martin vs Andain – Ten Minutes To Beautiful Midnight (Arnesto Mashup)
15. Armin van Buuren feat Ray Wilson – Yet Another Day (Hiver and Hammer remix)
16. 7 skies & Kiholm – Lost & Found (Original mix)
17. A.r.d.i. – Morning Sunlight (ReOrder & Dave Deen remix) [Silent Shore records]
18. Neal Scarborough & Gary Maguire – Nibiru (Original mix)
19. Neshi Futuro -_ Spinback (Pulse & Sphere Mix) [Inspired records]
20. Frank Biazzi – Synergie
21. Lock