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The podcast is back to life!

I've updated the podcast, and I'll update it some more in the upcoming days.

Check these out:

Trance Mutation Broadcast #085 - guest Phillip Alpha

This month's guest is Phillip Alpha. Co-founder with Daniel Kandi of the brand new Always Alive Recordings label, this upcoming Danish talent has already signed three stunning uplifting tunes on the well-known English label Enhanced. He'll be bringing us an exclusive guestmix packed with the grooviest, most euphoric tracks of the moment!

About Trance Mutation Broadcast

Back in 2005, Jordan Waeles started mixing uplifting trance on the air of NRJ Belgium (national FM station), at first filling in for other unavailable residents of Extravadance, then with a monthly slot on his own. Trance Mutation Broadcast was born. Across the years, the show has been syndicated on Saffier/LRK (Dutch local FM stations) and many more online and FM stations.

Eventually, in 2009, Jordan moved Trance Mutation Broadcast to the biggest online trance radio station, Digitally Imported, in a brand-new two-hour format. This tactical move gave Jordan the opportunity to feature amazing guests such as Suzy Solar, Orla Feeney, Airwave, the Immoral Monkeys, Ferry Tayle, and many, many more headliners and upcoming trance DJ's and producers.



New website

Here we go!

I'm moving my website to a whole new system with a new layout, and this will allow me to update it way more often!! It means more fresh mixes, more content and more rants!!

Anyway, you'll see that most of the mixes aren't there yet, I'm moving them from the old site. I figured it would be better to first move then move the mixes, since the old site was getting REALLY old (I made it in 2006!).

So, welcome here!! And go check the Trance Mutation Broadcast episodes!

Destination Mainstage 016

About Destination Mainstage

Jordan Waeles has one dream... to mix live, for an audience of 20.000 people!

Destination Mainstage is a monthly show on Afterhours.FM, where Jordan Waeles takes control of the air semi-live with his keyboards and turntables, and delivers blood-pumping, live-style mixes. Some sets include tons of effects, some include classics, but all sets are pure trance choonage!

Listen to the monthly demo reel of Jordan every first tuesday of the month, 16.00 CET of Afterhours.FM, leading trance radio!