Trance Mutation Broadcast #093 – guest Peter Murray

This month, we'll feature Peter Murray ( ), an irish local DJ that stands for powerful boshy tech-trance and techno. If you're up for some rolling and pounding beats alongside euphoric anthems, make sure to tune into this month's guestmix!

About Trance Mutation Broadcast

Back in 2005, Jordan Waeles started mixing uplifting trance on the air of NRJ Belgium (national FM station), at first filling in for other unavailable residents of Extravadance, then with a monthly slot on his own. Trance Mutation Broadcast was born. Across the years, the show has been syndicated on Saffier/LRK (Dutch local FM stations) and many more online and FM stations.

Eventually, in 2009, Jordan moved Trance Mutation Broadcast to the biggest online trance radio station, Digitally Imported, in a brand-new two-hour format. This tactical move gave Jordan the opportunity to feature amazing guests such as Suzy Solar, Orla Feeney, Airwave, the Immoral Monkeys, Ferry Tayle, and many, many more headliners and upcoming trance DJ's and producers.



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Jordan Waeles presents Trance Mutation Broadcast #093
Guest Peter Murray
November 2011

1st hour: Jordan Waeles

01. Dennis Sheperd & Alan Morris feat Sue McLaren – I Die (Ferrin & Morris remix)
02. Ikerya Project – The River of Memories (Original mix) [Silent Shore]
03. K-Narf – Delusion (Opt-in remix) [Silent Shore]
04. Phunpark – Midnight (Sean Tyas remix)
05. Kaeno – Liquid Methane (Original mix)
06. Altima – Home (Deep Haze remix)
07. Mike Nichol – Durado 2011 (Dan Stone remix)
08. Atlantis vs Avatar – Fiji (Alpha Duo remix)
09. TrancEye – Uriel (Original mix)
10. Paul Oakenfold – Full Moon Party (Original mix)
11. A.R.D.I. feat Irena Love – Memories (Original mix) [Silent Shore White]

2d hour: Peter Murray

01. John O’Callaghan – The Bailout
02. Arkadi – Login (Dark mix)
03. Indecent Kearnage – Too many to mention
04. Mark Leanings – Dropshot (Reaky remix)
05. Fergie & Sadrian – Musulman T
06. Wyrus & Dastin – Logical (Bryant Baker remix)
07. Ilya Soloiev – Echo (Bryan Kearney remix)
08. John Askew – Torture Chamber
09. Marzz – Orbiter (Mark Sherry’s Outburst remix)
10. Talla 2XLC vs PAul Miller – Extravaganza (Scot Project’s breakdown edit)
11. Renato Cohen vs Phil Kieran – Renato’s house is mine (Mark Sherry’s mashup)
12. David Forbes – Point Picquet
13. ID – ID
14. Neal Scarborough – Sequoia (Daniel Kandi’s banging mix)