How would you like to let go of all your expectations, and hear something fun for a change? What if you could have a peek at the most unexpected sets built by artists you like... in a genre they totally don't normally play?

Wouldn't Tiestö playing Gangsta rap, Hardwell spinning Psy-Trance, David Guetta dropping Liquid Drum&Bass sound for the least interesting? That's what Alternate.DJ is about: genuinely unlikely musical experiences.

As a DJ, I've had more than one occasion to make sets that weren't the pure uplifting trance that I strive for. I've recently played retro house, R'n B and Rock at a company event. I've played techno, minimal, deep trance and other electronic genres to promote compilations on the air of NRJ. I've had a commercial house side-project for years, and I've put together my own drum&bass sets for fun. I'm convinced other DJ's have done so as well, and that's what I want to share!

The concept is simple: DJ's that are known for a certain music style are invited to mix something totally different for just once. It doesn't mean they will switch careers or abandon all they built, it is nothing but a playground for musical experiments! I am truly enthusiastic to discover what our guest DJ's feel like playing just once, and why they picked that genre!

We have great guests coming up with super-interesting sets, so stay tuned!

Giuseppe Ottaviani, ReOrder and Victoria play our remix!

It was a really great surprise to find out that no other than Vandit's superstar DJ & Producer Giuseppe Ottaviani has played our upcoming First Effect remix of Latham & Quano - Point of Impact!

Two other great DJ's have also test-driven our remix, namely ReOrder and the lovely Victoria.

Amongst other DJ's marking their upfront support for the release, we find Manuel Le Saux, Suzy Solar, Sly One, and many other up and coming DJ's!

It's hard to express all my gratefulness for all the nice words we've received on this tune, so I really hope it will do well in the charts... Chris and I sure keep our fingers crossed!

As far as I know, the tune will be released on the first of August on Silent Shore Records, in the meantime, here is a (large) extract of ReOrder playing it!

Mellomania 20 features a track of mine!

After all these years of work (almost 8 now), a track of mine has finally been picked in an official compilation!

Pedro Del Mar has picked the Christopher V, Cylum & Velden remix of our track "First Effect feat Olivia - Humanity Highway" for his now famous compilation "Mellomania 20", released by no other label than Blackhole recordings!

Amongst other tunes by the likes of Dash Berlin, Richard Durand, Adam Nickey, Roger Shah, Aly & Fila, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Cosmic gate, Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren, you'll find First Effect feat Olivia - Humanity Highway (Christopher V, Cylum & Velden remix)! For those who haven't been following, First Effect is a project of Christopher V and myself, focusing on progressive and uplifting trance.

It's an honour to be featured on such a great CD, and I can tell you it feels great to hold the first material proof of many, many years of work getting our sound right. Of course, it's not finished, and it gives us a great boost for many other original tunes and remixes!

To support First Effect, go buy the release here: First Effect feat Olivia - Humanity Highway (all mixes) on , or purchase this great compilation by Pedro Del Mar. It has been #3 of the best compilation sales on Amazon, by the way!